Health & Safety

When new technologies are developed to improve home construction or to enhance the health and safety of your home, Campbell Custom Homes Ltd. offers these newest technologies to you, our client.  We build betters homes that exceed minimum code requirements and we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to provide you with a quality home that meets your needs.


We pay attention to all the details that truly matter when building a home from the ground up. We don’t cut corners on the things you can’t see, and we understand that anyone can build a “pretty” house by installing granite counter tops and pretty light fixtures, but we take quality to new depths. For example, our standard offerings consider both structural perspectives, as well as, hidden health and safety concerns.


We have all seen the horror stories about homes filled with mould, or one that went up in flames. Campbell Homes strives to by pass those nightmares completely by offering PinkWood building products. PinkWood products are coated with PinkShield™, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly technology that resist the growth of mold and rot fungus while providing added fire protection to your home through the use of integrated fire retardants. PinkWood makes your home healthier and safer.

In 2011 Saskatoon home builder Campbell Homes launched the first Pink House Campaign, in support of the Breast Health Centre. To see a demonstration of how PinkWood resists fire, view this short clip of the Burn Test taken from the media launch of Saskatoon’s First Pink House project.

A second example of our high standards is hurricane clips on the home’s trusses. H-clips provide a positive connection for attaching the roof to the walls. When building your home you might make a few assumptions about how it has been put together, and you might not ever think about how your roof is attached to the rest of your homes until that freak summer storm with high winds threatens to rip your roof off! However, by then it is too late and you will be huddled in the basement wondering if your new home included hurricane clips or not. Campbell Homes has your back. We build the strongest houses in Saskatoon and surrounding area given current, available technology.


When new technologies are developed to strengthen home construction or to enhance the health and safety of your home, Campbell Homes offers these newest technologies to you, our client. We understand your home is likely your largest investment and it’s your expectation that this investment will protect all that is near and dear to you.